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Gas pressure inspection

Gas leaks are not to be taken lightly. If you ever suspect a gas leak in your home or business, immediately remove yourself from the premises and notify Reeh Plumbing and your gas company of the situation.


Pressure testing of gas lines is a task for professionals, and our service technicians are licensed to quickly identify any leaks that may exist. Once located, the leaks will be quickly and safely repaired.

Safe and swift detection of gas line leaks

Highly-trained and experienced staff

All of our technicians are highly-trained. They've gone through extensive training to ensure they are ready to properly handle any gas line issues. Gas leaks are serious matters and every member of our staff is rigorously trained to make sure they keep you and your loved ones safe from harm.


We offer services in Ferericksburg, Kerrville, and Johnson City. Contact whichever of these locations is closest to you.

24/7 emergency service is always available.

Comprehensive And Effective Gas Pressure Testing

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