Customer Service, A Work In Progress

Believe it or not, on occasion plumbers are in need of services at our homes that exceed our abilities like electrical, carpentry, masonry and the like. Interacting with other companies to schedule their services is a good measuring stick as to what we as service professionals are doing right as well as opportunities to improve on the services we offer here at Reeh Plumbing.

There are a couple of things that makes one scratch their head and wonder why. For example, why are some service companies evasive with scheduling a service appointment? And if you are able to schedule a specific date for the service call, why is it almost impossible to get them to commit with regard to the arrival time of their technician?

Another example is when they do schedule the call but give a wide window on their arrival time; “Our technician will arrive between 8 AM and 5 PM on such and such a day.” Well that kills the whole day. Is my time not worth something? Who would dare leave and run an errand on the off chance that they would miss the technician’s arrival? Odds are you will not receive a courtesy call if the technician is running late.

At Reeh Plumbing we book calls every day in 2 hour windows; 8-10, 10-12, 1-3, 3-5. And we do our best to work with your schedule when possible. If our technician is running late you will receive a phone call explaining the delay. And our technicians will always call ahead when in route.

On busy days when you request service and our schedule is full, we may not be able to give you a specific time but will do our best to get you worked in that day, especially if it is a plumbing emergency.

We do offer guaranteed same day service, Reeh Plumbing has a VIP program. Customers pay a monthly service fee. Some of the benefits include special offers as well as discounted pricing on service calls. One big advantage to the VIP membership is that you are guaranteed same day service when you call in unless you request otherwise.

Since 1995 plumbing is what we do, it’s all we do and we’re always on the lookout for ways to improve the services we provide to our customers.

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Plumbing Paparazzi???

23 Jan 2019 Uncategorized


In today’s world, cameras of one sort or another are everywhere and photos are being captured in staggering numbers.  Hundreds of cameras click and flashes pop whenever high profile celebrities or politicians are spotted.  Cameras with three foot long telephoto lenses are commonplace at all sporting events.  Even wildlife have to deal with the silent capture of their images on game and trail cameras.  And let’s not overlook the most prevalent of all cameras, the smartphone camera.

It’s impossible to obtain a precise count of just how many photos are taken each year with a smartphone but after researching that question on the Internet, the estimate is mindboggling.  Paraphrasing the data from the mylio.com website: a conservative prediction for the total number of photos that will be taken in 2016 is based on an estimated 1 billion (1,000,000,000) smartphones in use worldwide, taking 2-3 photos per day (1,000 pictures per year), the total number of photos is estimated to be at least 1 trillion (1,000,000,000,000).  That’s a bunch!

But just how many of those photos are really important?  Would it be the hundreds of millions of photos posted to Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat?  Probably not.  Actually one of the most important photos taken for you this year could actually be taken by your plumber, and not with a smartphone.

When you shower, are you standing in water?  When you pull the stopper on your kitchen sink does it take forever to drain?  And what about your washing machine, do you deal with the aggravating mess of an occasional overflow?  If you answered yes to any of these questions you are probably dealing with a clogged sewer issue that is not going to go away on its own.  And if you had your plumber come out to “snake” your sewer line but only managed to give you temporary relief, then it’s time for a plumber’s photo session.

Many plumbers today now carry a camera system on their truck that would have been unimagined just a few years ago.  Generally speaking these cameras are hi-tech with 100 foot fiber optic cables that provide light and a camera (including video) to the business end of the cable.  Images are fed through that cable back to a color monitor so the plumber can view the progress as he works to extend the cable into your sewer line to determine why it is not draining correctly.  He also has the option to capture the images on a simple SD card if necessary.

With the camera inserted in the sewer line, the old adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words” is proven true once again.  The problem could be anything from tree roots to a crushed or broken pipe or even a stuffed animal that some youngster flushed down the toilet.  The important thing is that once the professional has a visual on the problem the guesswork is over and your slow draining shower, sink or washing machine days are about to be over.


And unlike the annoying buzz created by the political or celebrity paparazzi, there’s little doubt that when you need him, you’ll be really glad to see your plumber paparazzi.


For a Good Night’s Sleep…

25 Sep 2018 Uncategorized

The month of October is set aside each year as a reminder to maintain one of the most important fixtures in your home.  A fixture that is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  And you probably pay little attention to it unless it’s broken.  And if it’s broken it is of little use and can cause panic and distress in your home.  No, it’s not Smoke Alarm month.  October is “Toilet Tank Repair Month.”  Now don’t laugh.  Let’s give proper recognition to the importance of a well maintained toilet tank, otherwise unpleasant things happen.

For example, how about that middle of the night visit when you try to flush after use but the chain comes off the handle? Now you have to take everything off the toilet tank lid, set it on the floor and reach down into the cold tank water and try to find the chain and reattach it to the arm.  And the odds are that if you’re the man of the house, you’re trying to do all this without turning on the light and waking the better half, right?  And what do you think your chances are of going right back to sleep after fishing around, in the dark, in a tank of cold water for 2 minutes?

Oh, and how about this one; again, it’s the middle of the night (these things never happen during the day when you have time to actually repair them) and you approach the fixture, again in the dark and barefooted, and you step in a puddle of water.  Darn, the seal between the tank and bowl has failed and started leaking.  Not much you can do except turn off the cutoff and go back to bed.

Then later that night you’re sleeping really hard, in fact so hard that you’re slobbering on your pillow.  Guys know about this kind of sleep.  You don’t even feel the bed move when precious gets up to go to the bathroom.  The first thing she does is flip on the light and while yawning and moving to the toilet, she steps barefooted into the same little puddle.  Is she considerate of your sleep?  No way.  She screams and you bolt straight up in the middle of the bed wide awake, wiping the slobber from your face while she goes into a tirade about the water on the floor.  You would think a tsunami had gone through the bathroom while you were asleep.

The odds are slim and none that you will go back to sleep after waking to her blood curdling scream just as they were when you quietly, without disturbing precious, fished around in the dark with your arm up to the elbow in cold water to reattach the flush chain.

The moral of the story: for a good night’s sleep keep your toilet tank in good repair…

And by the way, Daylight Savings Time ends at midnight on November 3, a perfect time to replace the batteries in your smoke detectors.